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I've been listening to Ron Paul Radio since it's first month broadcasting. I've listened since before there were shows. I see a lot of people complaining about the business practices of RPR Radio. Besides them attempting to recruit a great deal of all of the hosts from about a month before they broadcasted, besides the fact that they unethically gained guests after said guests were scheduled on, and besides the fact that they were set up out of a box like the many other internet radio stations most Ron Paul supporters may listen to, I greatly accept this new venture for our former hosts. So what, they play advertisements and take calls all day and have shows that will put our narcoleptic friends to sleep. The market will decide for themselves. Being born outside the jurassic age, I prefer music and optimistic attitudes. So I personally prefer the originality and the upbeat promotion of freedom sprinkled with 100% grassroots efforts. Most of all, lets remember our single most important goal in these grassroots efforts, Ron Paul in 2008. And I send the best of luck to Mr. Pyeatt and an open invitation that he can broadcast his show live on any time. Guest appearances are also encouraged.

Thank you.