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You said: Unless either a)

You said:

Unless either
a) he believes therefore we have no right to privacy

Again no.

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b) we do have a right to privacy, regardless of the Constitution

Of course. The Constitution can not add or remove rights from people. It is simply a document that helps limit Government to its intended role.

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(making his point moot)

No. The point is that because it is not spelled out in the Constitution (instruction manual for Government), we the people must actively defend our right of privacy from those, such as public servants, who gain from the violation of this right.

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The Constitution is not a source of rights at all.
What then is your source of rights and who are you to force others to accept and recognize it?

Each person is the source of their rights. One's rights are a part of them. I can not force you to defend your rights, nor can anybody else limit my rights by writing a document. Nobody has the authority to limit my rights but me (by refusing to defend them).