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Comment: Reply From Rep. Duncan Hunter, CA

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Reply From Rep. Duncan Hunter, CA

I asked my Congressman to support HR 6416. Here's his reply:

"Dear Kathleen:

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screening procedures. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this issue.

This year, the TSA introduced a new pat-down policy for secondary searches or for those individuals who do not want to be subject to screening by Whole Body Imaging (WBI) machines. Many, like you, have expressed your thoughts that invasive WBI machines perform a virtual strip search, while aggressive pat downs are much too invasive. As a frequent traveler, I share your concern over this matter.

In response to these developments, as you mentioned, Congressman Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 6416, the American Traveller Dignity Act of 2010, which has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration. This legislation would outlaw certain TSA security policies by establishing that airport security screeners are not immune from any laws regarding physical contact, making images of another person, or causing physical harm through the use of radiation-emitting machinery on another person.

While I believe we must continue properly screening airline passengers, I do believe the TSA needs to refocus its mission to more readily observe and identify potential threats and, only when absolutely necessary, undertake advanced screening steps. My hope is that Congress - specifically the appropriate oversight committees - initiates a review of TSA screening procedures to determine an appropriate course of action moving forward. This is important for both reasons of personal privacy and security. Please be assured that I will keep your specific thoughts in mind as Congress continues to discuss this important issue.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.
Duncan Hunter
Member of Congress"

I'd say he BALKED :(