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Andrew S MacGregor writes:

"Still not convinced? Go back and read the Newsweek and Time magazine articles on the assassination of Mexican Presidential Candidate Colosio in April 1994. At first glance a lone gunman shoots Colosio. But what did the Mexican tabloid TV stations discover when they continued to replay the tape of the assassination? Before Aburto (the assassin) shot Colosio, a security guard was clearing the way for him. Aburto stated that he was never planning to assassinate Colosio. He went to where Colosio was speaking, and suddenly a little voice from deep inside "came over him" which instructed him to shoot Colosio's feet. (See Washington Post, May 1, 1994) Shortly after the assassination, the chief of police, who had developed leads on other suspects was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen. The official conclusion of the Mexican government is that Colosio was assassinated as a result of a powerful conspiracy they've been unable to crack and bring to justice."