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but I know it's only meant to be a primer for those whom may have never considered such wild, but very real, realities of the world.

so for that, I'm more than grateful that MSM is having to capitulate a bit out in the open to maintain what little semblance of credibility they can, as the massive growth of alternative media is forcing them out of the 'truth biz' (well, as if they ever did to begin with, but you get my point).

I personally learned one thing though; while it's been long proven fact and public knowledge that whether by agenda (of course it is), or inadvertently (yeah, right), that they've been injecting fluoride, uranium, and lithium into the public water supply for years. What I did not know was that a combination all those toxins, like adjuvants in equally toxic BigPharma's vaccines, can 'supercharge' their deadly effects.

Learn something new everyday, even from a 'primer!'

even with the slowly but surely accelerating growth of 'awakening' that we're beginning to witness in real time all around us, nevertheless, it's a sad testament to the modern zeitgeist of sheeple infestation that the only way for people to wake up to such hidden-in-plain-sight reality in a degenerate TV-Nation-Culture we're imprisoned with, is precisely by having to resort to using a former Navy SEAL, Wrestler, actor turned Governor as a 'GateWay Drug' to introduce the rest of the population to the REAL Truth, and parade it as 'entertainment.'

So, even if Jesse wakes up just 10% of his viewership, the show would be a complete success, in accomplishing its noble goal of re-awakening the American sheeple populace.

I just hope that despite his recent proclamation that he will never fly unless TSA is abolished, he somehow figures out a way to keep the show going. It'd still be a huge loss, as no other show exists within the MSM, currently.