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Comment: How does the saying go?

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How does the saying go?

Fool me once? shame on you? Fool me twice shame on me...

How many times did they allow themselves to be doubled crossed? How many slick politicians talking about how great america was get elected b/c the suckers like beating their chest with nationalism.

This wasn't a one time thing or something that happened over night. This was a slow and methodical march. I remember in middle school we had to watch this movie (the green wave or something). The students in this guys class couldn't understand why ze Germans were so dumb to let the Nazis do there thing. The teacher was able to brainwash them into their own made up cult to prove a point and he had trouble getting them to see it.

I understand how it happened and why it was so easy for the greatest generation of suckers to get played, but at the same time I still think the Nazis were some of the most awful people ever to grace the face of the planet.

You call it double crossed I call it loosing your humanity and only a sucker would ever do that.

Also I heard or read somewhere on (I think can't find it). The most telling argument to make my case. When the time comes and the snakes tell you that "we owe it to ourselves" and you buy are either a sucker or the most evil person in the world. Because once you accept the idea of allowing your grand children to be born with a $30,000 debt on their back there is no line in the sand that can't be crossed.

A word to the wise to all you old folks out there. You better start getting your voting friends together and start pushing for reforms in your welfare checks. B/c I could see a very bloody generational war break out over your trips to the trough. Don't tell me you paid in either. Your money was stolen from you by the people you voted for. Go ahead look they already looted your accounts...the money you paid in is gone! That doesn't mean I owe you 1 red cent either!