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related quotes

"The American State claims the right to know every single thing about us:
every dime we earn and spend, every phone call we make or email we send.
To track our movements.
To know what we are teaching our children.
To ascertain our shower head and toilet tank.
Now even to see all of you naked or feel you up.
And a million and one other insanities, indignities, and outrages.
Every single aspect of life is within the State's jurisdiction, or so it claims.
But for us to know anything about the State, aside from its propaganda, is treason.
That is, of course, because the State is a criminal enterprise that depends on our consent.
The more we know about its murders, its looting, its lying
the less willing we are to consent, to be good little robots,
indeed, to worship it as a god, which is always its ultimate ambition,
pharaonic Egypt being its ideal.
Pledge allegiance to this gang? No thanks."

"I don't want to reform the American state.
I wish to weaken it.
I wish to see its power reduced and even possibly eliminated.
I want an end to empire, and I almost don't care about the cost.
I want Americans to love America for its smallness and peculiarity, not for its largeness or its universality.
I want the country I live in to be a normal country,
in which government - especially the centralized state - doesn't really matter all that much.
I want soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines here at home doing honest, decent work,
and not scattered across 1,000 bases in 120 countries.
I want Americans to stop trying to save the world and instead tending
to their families and supporting their communities.
Love and duty are for neighbor, not ideology or history or state or regime."