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Stopped for WALKING

To walk to the library from where I am now..I have to cross 2 side streets....the combo town hall-police-fire departments are in between and I have to pass them.
So..I get to the 2nd side street...I have a clear view that no cars are coming or going..yes..there was a stop sign..but like I said..I was walking.
A cop stopped me....gave me a verbal warning...the reason..I DIDNT STOP AT THE STOP SIGN!!!
I said..Im not driving and can see its clear....He stated that wasnt the point...that he had the RIGHT TO STOP ME FOR ANY REASON HE SAW FIT!!!
He ask me where I was going..I told him..then he ask me where I was coming from..I pointed to the house.
I was ask what was my business in this county..I informed him I was born here at the local hospital..and had lived here almost all my life.
It went on and on..I changed the subject..kinda..he ask me what was I going to look up at the library...I told him he wouldnt be interested..but I was looking up the Daily Paul-InfoWars-Oath Keepers and told him he should join that one...he just rolled his eyes and smiled..telling me to be careful and have a nice day...
Not once did he ask my name or for id...

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina