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Comment: Got pulled over TWICE in one week

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Got pulled over TWICE in one week

a few months ago.

I never get pulled over. (knocking on head)

Both were by Texas State Troopers.

Said my license plate border (which was from the dealership) was covering more than 51% of the word "Texas" at the top.
And no seat belt.

I explained to them that I had had surgery on the back of my leg and had to be able to relieve pressure on it as I was driving. I told them I could probably get a medical excuse from my doctor.

They were both relatively cool, aside for pulling me over for BS. Both gave me warnings.

Instead if debating the Constitutionality of seat belt laws on the side of the road, I just put on my best Texas accent and thanked them. As an experiment, I told one of them "Thank you for your service"
You should have seen his melon tweak.

He was like uhh... Well THANK YOU!!!
It was kind of funny.

Point is....As the economy gets worse, and State and Federal agencies get lower on funds, they are going to try and bilk you for them. They are pulling people over for the tiniest of infractions. They are no longer law enforcement/peace officers, they are revenue generators. But, this is not news to you guys.