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You can walk into court with all the case law and the

statutes that say what the police are doing is illegal and they will laugh. If you walk in with a bond or an affidavit they run. You can't get to one without the other. You have to address the FACT THAT YOUR A CITIZEN not a sovereign. The 14th amendment didn't come about by accident Your playing the wrong game.

Try filing criminal complaints against a judge, prosecutor,clerk for ANYTHING, you'll wind up with 500 criminal complaints for everything from official oppression and abuse of official capacity to leaving the toilet seat up and headed for a grand jury ? When you get there the grand jurors think your breaking the law by approaching them with complaints ? The grand jury is there for the people, these district attorneys have them brainwashed.

These courts ALL THE COURTS ARE CORPORATIONS. Look them up on Dun and Bradstreet. The courts and the police are out for whatever they can get and do not care about due process, that's admiralty folks. The law of the sea and it's cut throat. You are definitely guilty till you prove your innocence. You have to settle or exhaust your administrative remedy before you ever enter the court. This is where the affidavit comes in, not a court affidavit dealing in colorable statute, a private affidavit dealing in the truth.
This is your remedy, your bond created through the United States Treasury is your counterclaim and it is a very effective counter claim. This gets at the heart of what's wrong with the courts and the banks. If this is addressed as it should be, as it is the tax law and the banking law, then things will change. If not then thing will only get worse. It's all fraud and fiction, public and private, if you don't provide truth no one else will I know for a fact the attorneys won't they work for the bank (court)

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow