Comment: It's a bad situation.

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It's a bad situation.

We all need to come to realize the situation we are in, and it ain't good. When you are driving you need to know three things: 1) You have a drivers license. This binds you to certain laws that you otherwise are not bound to. You needed to get this because driving a motor vehicle is illegal in our country and a license is permission to break the law. 2) You registered your car. You paid rent to the owner of the car so that you can use his car. Go ahead, don't pay your yearly tribute next time around, see how that works out for you. You will know who the owner of that car is real fast. 3) You are driving on the states roads. You are on state property.

So lets recap: you are using the states car, on the states property, using the states license to break the law against driving. If you were driving my car, on my property, using my permission slip, I could pull you over or inspect my car or have my servant inspect my car or tell you how to drive my car, couldn't I? So, likewise, the state has all those rights as well.

Nifty setup they got going there huh?