Comment: Live and learn

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Live and learn

I used to trust that the cops were the good guys, so I cooperated willingly whenever I had contact with them. Today...not so much. Depending on the circumstances, I expect that I would be far more protective of my 4th Amendment rights than I was ten years ago.

The big revelation to me was that cops lie. They lie, and lie, and lie in order to get you to reveal something they can use against you. They lied about "following too close" ten years ago. Two weeks ago they lied about smelling pot in my son's car so they could intimidate him into allowing a search, fishing for something to arrest him for (he doesn't use pot).

On the other hand, cops also have been known to do good things, like solve real crimes and put themselves in harm's way. However, I'm afraid the good they do is overshadowed by the bad they do. If they want to earn respect, they need to know where the line between right and wrong is. I think they are, as a group, morally compromised.