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Comment: That Isn''t Right

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That Isn''t Right

Of course.

But it has been going on for many years, at least here in South Texas.

I used to drive an old Ford full-size van for work. On one occasion I was stopped for driving 45 mph in a 45 mph zone. He accused me of speeding. I told him I hadn't been speeding. The officer's excuse? "Well I was following you at 45 mph and I couldn't catch you." He just wanted to see inside.

On another occasion a Sheriff's deputy claimed I didn't stop at an isolated rural stop sign. I told him I had stopped. He just wanted to see inside.

One time we were on our way to church on a Sunday morning and the Sheriff's deputy, who was parked facing us on the other side of a wide, divided highway, swung around through a crossover, and stopped us with lights flashing and siren blaring. He had had the Sun behind him, and with the glare couldn't have possibly seen through the driver's window to determine the detail he claimed to know. He said: "You didn't have your seatbelt on." Well, I had my seatbelt on, and told him so. He claimed I had put it on afterward. Why the lie? He wanted to see inside.

Only in the last case did the officer even bother to ask for my papers.

I'm sure it has happened other times, but those three instances stick in my memory. They played a role in diminishing my respect for cops and cementing my libertarian sentiments. I wonder if those guys even care if people really respect them.

That should give someone enough material to write a country ballad or a Mexican corrido about Texas cops.