Comment: Yes, even the coccyx has a purpose.

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Yes, even the coccyx has a purpose.

The tailbone is necessary for a dynamic function of the pelvic floor. it is important to have a pelvic floor to provide stability and mobility (like having a baby or bowel movement). The transverse abdominus muscle is toed to the pelvic floor on the same circuit, so that when stability is needed, tension is generated automatically in the pelvic floor. But if for example the tailbone was a fixed structure it would not allow for the different phases of function.

But all this is not really germane to the argument anyway, because the fact that the design is intelligent is a different subject as to the actual mechanism used by the creator. And please don't say you don't believe in a creator, because the creator has been defined impersonally since the beginning of time as the unknown force behind the creation. The question is who the creator is, bot whether or not we have a creator.