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I am waiting for YOU, or

I am waiting for YOU, or anyone else to show me one species evolving into another.

Don't confuse SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, with evolution. Within every species, there are countless variations. When the environment favors certain variations, they thrive. Others may diminish or become extinct. But this is NOT evolution. Evolution purports that one species can magically "evolve" into another. This is supposed to be based on mutation.

Mutations are almost always harmful. Scientists subjected fruit flies to radiation. All they managed to do was produce defective fruit flies. None of the flies evolved into superior insects.

Here, scientists tried to produce evolution in a laboratory and couldn't. And yet, we are supposed to believe that it occurred naturally, over and over for millions of years!

If an organism were somehow able to mutate into a superior species, what would it reproduce with? Obviously, one of it's inferior predecessors. And there goes the giant leap forward.

Evolution is a myth, but it is a preconceived myth than millions refuse to let go. They continue to "evolve" the Theory of Evolution as various aspects of it are shown to be false. This is not science, it is religion.