Comment: Well, let me burst some bubbbles.

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Well, let me burst some bubbbles.

When God used the term CREATION, it meant HE made something from nothing.
He did not remake other stuff into something else as mankind does.
HE had nothing to start with, physicaly speaking.
HE commands the elements. He speaks, the elements listen , so to speak. HIS spoken WORD is Creations power. At the second advent HIS WORD will speak the fall of Satan's ARMY. HIS WORD is a two edged sword.

IT is said that GOD(himself), is a Consumming fire.
Mankind goes through what we go through for GOD's good purposes, which has each one of us at heart.
ALL things work together for good , to those that LOVE the Lord. Every hair on each person's head is numbered. As infinetly huge God is, He is also infinetly small.