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I probably should have

I probably should have mentioned other authors. I just find the whole thing corrupt from the beginning, historically. And personal reasons. I have no problem with people believing in God (my sister and father, very serious about it), I just wish it didn't affect the lives of the rest of us through government or personal avengence and war. When we die , we die, and whatever happens, happens.

Once a girl gave me a book, because we talked about atheism. She couldn't remember where it was, then she found it under a couch randomly and told me I was meant to have that book (she is new-age-y).....anyway it is called The spirit of Atheism by Andre Comte Sponville. I thoroughly enjoyed that book. It helped replace God with the universe.

I also don't see how people don't realize , "I KNOW GOD EXISTS." well , so do the people who kill themselves for their gods all over the world. You can't say they don't KNOW because...they kill themselves to prove it.

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