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While I

understand what you're pointing out I would argue that discussing the amount of pulverized concrete dust would be an easier way to convince "non-science" people that the towers were taken down by something other than fire and planes.
One point I would raise in response to your discussion would be the consideration of the thermal diffusivity vs the thermal conductivity of the materials in question. Obviously its quite possible to cut a 20ft long steel i-beam without heating the entirety to a cutting temperature. So the question then becomes "how much heat was available to for absorption and was it enough to weaken the floors in the impact zones. I would find it believable that one or two floors partially collapsed due to both structural damage and fire weakening. Trying to convince me that the building succumbed to gravitationally-induced total collapse would require me to suspend ever single bit of common sense I possess.

Perhaps one day we'll get the truth...