Comment: This is good information.

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This is good information.

I watched 9/11 happen live on my tv that day, like a lot of people. I was off work and started watching just after the first plane hit. My (ex-)wife woke me up when they announced the first crash on tv. I watched the 2nd plane hit live on tv, and didn’t leave from in front of the tv until early the next morning. As I was watching that day, a few things really struck me as odd…

#1. I couldn’t believe that the WTC towers collapsed the way they did. It just defied logic somewhere in my head. I guess I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that a 110-story steel skyscraper collapsed into a pile of dust after being hit by an airplane made mostly of aluminum.

#2. It didn’t really look like a plane crashed at the Pentagon. Or in Shanksville, PA for that matter. I never saw a plane at either location. The Pentagon had a smoldering hole that looked too small to be an airliner. Shanksville had nothing but a small crater.

#3. WTC 7 collapsed around 5:30 that day. It was a 47-story skyscraper. When they showed the collapse on tv it just seemed unreal to me. What is going on? Big skyscrapers collapsing into piles of dust in seconds? Over and over??

I didn’t suspect the government though. I didn’t really have an explanation. I didn’t really even see it as something afoot… I was more just in awe at what was happening. It seemed unreal to me. Not just the calamity of it all… but the actual events that were occurring. It all seemed like something out of a far-fetched adventure movie.

I just blew it off and accepted the official story for the longest. It's amazing how easily we accept the state's propaganda. Anyway, I guess it was the first version of "Loose Change" that made me start looking at the 9/11=inside job thing. The problem I had at first was the fact that the Truthers did spread a lot of incorrect information back then. It was a new movement and people were running around saying all kinds of stuff... some of it taken out of context... some of it just incorrect. But...

There were still so many weird coincidences and strange occurrences that day, and the government seemed to be trying to hide something... so I never went back to being a believer in the official story. Since then, a new/final cut of "Loose Change" was released...much more accurate and informative than the first. Many other documentaries have come out since then as well.

What it all boils down to is this...


The collapse of the towers, the way they fell, and the fact that they collapsed at all is all the evidence you need. To accept the official story of a pancake collapse, floor by floor, you have to accept the fact that all of the floor joists gave way at once, the whole way around the building. Otherwise you will have an asymmetrical collapse and the top of the building will fall over to the side, toppling off the top... not driving STRAIGHT THROUGH the path of most resistance.

Even if all the floor joists gave way at once, and a pancake collapse did occur... it would take much longer than 10 secs. It's been calculated that it would actually take around 90 secs for a complete pancake collapse to occur.

Plus, look at the mushrooming that occurs...

There were steel beams weighing more than a jetliner embedded in buildings 300 feet away. How does that happen??

Too much that can't be explained by the official story. I could go on and on... but I won't. Some people would never believe it no matter how much evidence you gave them.