Comment: I think we need a new meme for the Federal Reserve..

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I think we need a new meme for the Federal Reserve..

Someone said it in Congress not long ago:

"What you are doing here, is nothing less than economic terrorism on the American people!"

The Federal Reserve is NOT just corrupt!

"The Federal Reserve is dangerous to America."

Why is it dangerous?

SECRET government! $4-10 trillion dollars has been spent on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, McDonalds & Credit Suisse Bank as well as the Royal UBS Bank of Switzerland.

What specifically were they PAYING for?

Verizon has contracts all over to spy on Americans nation-wide across the spectrum!!!

AT&T has the same exact contracts!! They're also contracted with the Federal Communications Commission who desires to censor the internet.

So the Federal Reserve, far from having just failed running a SECRET GOVERNMENT operation by flash funding the National Security Agency.

They are deliberately spying on millions of Americans, paying for the training of militarized police, and without doubt are paying to Federalize the United States water and food supplies.

Federal Reserve "loans"(if they can be called this!) go towards Airport Scanners all over the airports, go into TSA training to make sure everyone is being probed & scanned, & pay for fascist gestapo tactics.

Now clearly, THESE kind of illegal things we want to end once & for all!!!

The Federal Reserve is financially tied to the support of a now clearly proven secret government which is even financing the Pentagon. Show everyone!!!

It'll make the disgust with the Federal Reserve that much more real and increase demands for its abolition.

"The Federal Reserve is a threat to Americans!! It is stealing dollars everywhere and engaged in Economic Terrorism!!"

"The Federal Reserve is hereby dangerous!!"

It is time Americans treat the Federal Reserve like an enemy combatant. As that is how its treating everyone