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Comment: Cross Bow is

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Cross Bow is

a bit more than a bow and arrow and it should be common sense not to shoot one in that neighborhood. C'mon people I know we have problems with police being out of control, but we don't know what this guy did when the cops showed up and it doesn't sound like he wife does either. Looks like he worked the lady cop over pretty well. Yes there was definite overkill with the amount of cops and them telling here she couldn't come out and trying to shut her door was outrageous, but no more outrageous than shooting a cross bow in what looked like a trailer park.
Suppose you were out in your yard or your kids were? So he was shooting at a target. What if he missed?
ou also don' know if th neighbor asked him t stop before calling the cops. Let's be reasonable. Too little info to condemn the cops for anything other than a ridiculous turn out and trying to boss the wife around. The bleeding female cop should have been removed from the scene long before that. Too much adrenelin for her to be dealing with the wife.
Would like to know the rest of the story.
A BB gun could be a danger in that yard. The guy wasn't smart. Did he need to be arrested? Who knows?