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I have been a daily cannabis smoker for 35 years...

and I have the healthiest lungs you can imagine, but I live a very active lifestyle and as a result my body metabolizes nutrients and toxins very quickly and excretes the waste products before they can accumulate. A body in balance maintains itself naturally. The problem with smoking cannabis is "How" you smoke it. Vaporizers are the solution as they do not "burn" the plant matter which is how the carbon based carcinogens are created. They produce the purest form of "smokeable" THC and are well worth the investment.

The most beneficial way to consume cannabis besides the oil is by eating it as mankind has been doing since the beginning of our existence upon this planet. There is a reason that our bodies are filled with cannabinoid receptors as we are biologically designed to interact with the cannabis plant... the most nutritious and useful plant on earth.

Cannabis is literally exploding with natural energies that empower the bodies auto-immune system. Ask yourself "How does the DEA actually locate marijuana plants growing outside?" and you will discover that they use the heat signature that the plant itself radiates. There is so much energy contained in a flowering marijuana plant that it actually glows on their heat sensitive monitors making it easy for them to locate a single plant from the comfort of their helicopters.

As far as the website, it should be up and running by March as every time I begin to focus on it.. the phone rings and somebody else's loved one has been sent home to die as the kill-based therapies that they believed in didn't work and their only option according to mainstream medicine is hospice and death. In a matter of months these people are living cancer-free lives and their futures look bright and full of promise.