Comment: I respect the sentiment

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I respect the sentiment

however; until we are willing to "see" the Founders (as they were) we are not going to get modern folks to "see" the Fed as they are.

Jefferson wanted to aid France in taking back Haiti.

John Quincy Adams was against this and applauded the only "pure" revolution in the Western World that didn't replace one slave master with another.

The US then worked for the next 100 years to put one cruel dictator in place after the other -- Haiti today is the poorest of all American countries and this was designed.

Jefferson help set the policy towards Haiti.

Jefferson was in favor of continued slavery - he was a slave holder and did NOT sell off his slaves at the time of his death; his most favored slaves were kept in bondage.

Jefferson was pro-state-rights -- A state is a state is a state. If you want to be free (truly) free then liberty must be powered as close to home as possible.
---Mayor and Sheriff and very little beyond that

This is the only way you can truly vote-with-your-feet. City to City competition.

I'm not saying we can jump right into that model, I'm just saying holding up a slave master (regardless how ingenius he was at keeping it going) might not be the wisest person to don the "liberty hat"

Instead -- Just sight Ron Paul.

Jefferson would not have even been a Rothbardian; let alone a Misesian.

An entrepreneur studies the present dynamically and forecasts the future enthusiastically; he only meditates on the past when seeking like-minded solutions (where relevant).

We want an entrepreneurial society not a nostalgic one. Nostalgia is only beneficial to those who do not hustle (public educators) -- the non-entrepreneurial class. For the elderly who want to reminice and the youth for the purpose of "learning from mistakes"

I'm just sayin'