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I often think about the individual letters also.

It would be interesting to see how our spouses rated. I am and INFP and I married an ESTJ. Opposites attract? Between the two of us we have all types covered.

I was thinking today about how some arguments that are compelling to intuitives (N) might strike sensibles (S) as dreamy or unsubstantial.

After I carry on for a bit about the dreary prospects for the future, my son looks up from the engine he's working on and says, "What are you gong to do about it. All you do is whine and complain." A very sensible answer. So in a sorry attempt at being clever, I offered to "moan and swear!"

Aware that people have different temperaments how do we appeal to their need to be free without stealing their freedom by manipulation.

All the different types here at DP can potentially provide others with answers or at least clues on how to proceed on these campaigns for liberty.

I was just wondering about how to counteract the MSM noise and distractions. But why bother.

If we practice liberty in our speech and manner, if we practice being responsible, won't that make the noise become revealed as noise without our having to divert from our purpose of liberty and justice for all?

Oh Lady Q, what would we do without you? Princess Dianna huh. very interesting :-)

(I loved the Harpo & Chico piano clip, watching brothers "playing" piano.)

Free includes debt-free!