Comment: With respect Poq,Here's the deal

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With respect Poq,Here's the deal

There are people in this world that are predators and only sit and wait for the weakness of another to show it's self.At this time the predator takes advantage of the situation to kick the individual while they are down.

There is no compassion or understanding,There is no credit for well done deeds,There is only searching for the one fault that even slightly exposes a weakness.This is the time the predator decides to pounce and consume.

If we are to be a people of civility these type of actions should not be tolerated from any source.If I am not mistaken this is the thought behind everything we are doing here as humans with liberty humanitarian thoughts.

If this is allowed to happen we are no better than wild animals and it will be a non compassionate situation where only the strongest shall survive.Well I am putting in my fight for the bone.

What you do not see is the happenings behind this problem that I voiced my opinion about.It is long going and I for one am tired of the two faced hit and run while someone is momentarily weak.

I am a dirty street fighter and am very good at it, but I always give them a chance to get back up and never kick them while they are down.I have no respect for anyone that does not do the same.

Thank you,For you response,I now realise that poq and Jefferson may be one and the same?

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."