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ok I understand

I just don't see the abuse here if there ever was any. That may just be my ignorance for which I figure I'll just stay out of it from now on.

BTW I'm not defending Jefferson so you know. He can do that himself if he feels the need. I just didn't see the "predator" taking advantage of the "prey" in this situation and thought you may have picked the wrong instance to vent your misgivings about someones character as Jefferson's post did not seem very two faced or mean spirited to me. Certainly not indicative of a pattern of abuse or deception that you seem to be driving at. Perhaps you grew tired of waiting for a clear cut example of his bullying and kicking someone while they're down and decided this post was close enough for you to let loose on him. You may even be right about him, I don't know, I have my doubts about it, but I just don't think this post makes your case very well. By all means stand up for what you feel is right, I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm just saying I don't see what's so terrible in this post.

As for Jefferson and I being the same person, lol. I thought I've been around long enough to not be confused for someone's sock puppet account, ha. I guess I'm still just another screen name in the crowd, lol. All well, that's fine. Good evening.