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Our bodies are biologically designed to consume cannabis!

The most beneficial method of ingestion is by using the THC Oil and taking it orally and if you or a loved one are using it to reverse an existing cancer then this is absolutely the way to go. However if you are simply using it as a preventative and/or to improve your overall health and well-being then simply incorporating some fresh cannabis into your daily foods will do the trick. Just like most foods, it is much healthier to eat it raw than to cook all the life out of it but so long as you are consuming all of the beneficial chemicals and compounds you will see and feel the amazing results in a matter of days.

Smoking cannabis can destroy 90% or more of the true medicinal values available in the organic plant matter. Use a vaporizer for smoking as there is no burning of the plant matter and therefore no carbon discharge, but for health reasons is it always better to eat it than to smoke it.