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"Please fix it" is out of

"Please fix it" is out of respect for your visitors who may not be computer literate and become innocent victims of viruses. I don't care that much about it, I am not telling you what to do, if you don't want to fix it, it'll hurt some of your visitors, but ultimately you (not me).

Glad to know you're not complaining. I apologize I misunderstood you. Yes, I've had minimum wage jobs, I've had commission only jobs. I've done volunteer work too. I've lived well under minimum wage for almost a year during 2007. Did I prefer it? No, but had I anybody to blame? Nope.

I know you were sued for $75,000. I am not aware though, that anybody actually lost and was forced to pay $75,000.

I am sorry that you find it embarassing, but for me, it helps to know some of the details. And when you ask "should" a site be funded by a single person's pocket, I wouldn't say necessarily, but if it can, what's the problem?

I am not asking you, or anybody to be the single funder. I was just saying that's a possible way if others fail, it's not always "all or nothing".