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Wrong Approach


I have been a long time viewer of this Website and i have never registered. Until i read this post...

Like you, I am a former smoker of about 16 years (30 years old now). However, the approach you are taking is brutal. The best way to quit to to simply not use will power. Trying to will yourself to not smoke is exceedingly challenging and will make you miserable.

Please, please, please try reading the book "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking". The difference here is that the author removes all myths about smoking, clearly showing how there is absolutely zero benefit to smoking.

When you realize this, and a few other things, quitting is actually simple and well...enjoyable. If you take his approach, you should no longer feel like something is "missing" in your life.

I have been quit for over 8 months now and haven't looked back. Easily the best 20 dollars i have ever spent!

I wish you all the best on whatever approach you take.