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Comment: Anyone would be a fool for trying and wouldn't get very far.

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Anyone would be a fool for trying and wouldn't get very far.

The "prophecy" claims that the war will be so bad half the army will quit and the "people" or "boys in the mountains" will have to come save them.

I'm telling you sir, it will never reach that point. The People will begin fighting immediately. They will not let their country be overrun and let the Army be their only defense.

And there is another good reason we have not been invaded. It's called geography.

Any nation with even a hint of the ability to put forth the mechanized warfare needed to invade the U.S.A. has NO WAY TO GET HERE without us picking them off on the way here.

Mexico and Canada, nor anyone in South America has the military capability to invade us. That means the helicopters and tanks you worry about have to be brought here on a BOAT.

We have the largest most powerful navy on Earth counting all of human history. I don't think we are invincible, but it would take a world wide concerted effort to even ATTEMPT to invade the USA and approach the fulfilling of this "prophecy."

And then, it would never reach the point of half the army deserting because we were losing so bad.

Might I suggest your faith that should be in the American people has been misplaced into Joseph Smith? It seems you put an inordinate amount of stock in Joseph Smith. He was merely doing trend analysis. Today, that trend analysis says something different because the times are different.

Had someone tried to invade the U.S. DURING the Civil War, yes, he may have been right. (but still not a prophet)

Now? Forget it.