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Jesus was a Master Teacher.

Jesus' private Gnostic teachings were "outlawed" with the Roman Emperor Constantine's decision to make Christianity the state religion. Along with that decision came his command that all Christian bishops choose between Jesus' public/Orthodox and private/Gnostic teachings. In this way Constantine could unite the empire under one official church doctrine. His command was carried out at the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) in the document Christians call the Nicene Creed and its shorter version, the Apostles' Creed. In effect, the Nicene Creed, which reflects Jesus' public teachings, became the one official doctrine of Orthodox Christianity, and in turn, made his private Gnostic teachings an outlawed heresy.
Soon after the Council, "an imperial edict ordered that all books by Arius [the principal advocate of Jesus' Gnostic teachings at Nicaea], and others like him, should be burned, and made concealment of such a book punishable by death." Bishop Eusebius (260-340), Constantine's court historian, restructured all Biblical literature to coincide with the council's decision.
Now, like then, most theologians, intellectuals, and academics, are so convinced of their own beliefs that they can not grasp Jesus' teachings.
When asked why he taught in parables, Jesus said, "The reason I talk to them in parables is that they look without seeing and listen without hearing or understanding," (Matt 13:13) "Those who saw so dimly could only be further blinded by the light of full revelation, (Mk 1:34+). Jesus, therefore, does not reveal with complete clarity the true nature of the Messianic kingdom which is unostentatious [natural]. Instead he filters the light [or ideas he presents] through symbols, the resulting half-light is nevertheless a grace from God, an invitation to ask for something better, and accept something greater." (Note C 13:13 jbv)

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