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Re: Ron Paul's Exclusion

I just sent Mr. Beaumont this e-mail. I also e-mailed Jan Mickelson at WHO 1040.

Dear Mr. Beaumont,

Thank you for your story on Ron Paul. Mr. Failor’s attempt to justify himself was pathetic. In the past, I have supported these tax and pro-life organizations, thinking they live up and believe in their missions. Mr. Failor opened my eyes to the fact that these organizations are just a front for subversive political activity that suits the people who earn a living sitting in the corner offices, while they double up as campaign advisors for their favorite political candidate.

Ron Paul’s supporters are not die-hard Republicans. If the GOP runs Paul out of town, Paul’s supporters would have no qualms voting for a Democratic candidate. This is why I liked Jan Mickelson’s approach, suggesting that Failor invites Ron Paul and use the opportunity to “fellowship with his supporters” and bring them all into the big tent. Unfortunately, Mr. Failor has a mind as closed as a tin of beans on a Wal-Mart shelf. I think his response was “that won’t happen.”

How can someone who heads a Tax Relief organization not find Ron Paul the most compelling candidate for the tax lobby ever to arrive on the scene? The truth is, Mr. Failor is in McCain’s back pocket and his divided loyalties make him unfit to head an organization like Tax Relief.


Albert Meyer

Plano TX