Comment: I cought the last part of Officer Jack McLamb's radio show,,,

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I cought the last part of Officer Jack McLamb's radio show,,,

Yesterday, Sun. Jan. 23, 2011.
Jack McLamb
Call In Number: 800-313-9443

Show Time: Sundays, 12:00 NOON – 2:00 PM

This show can be found in archives right here:

Mr. McLamb lives in Idaho and gave a run down of what he thought was happening in Idaho:

Basically, he said that the Chinese workers were being brought in to develop a new Gold mine in Idaho, and ship the Gold ore to China.

So what are the implications of this?

1. The Chinese workers very probably are not bound by any state or federal labor laws. Which means the workers will probably be provided free housing and meals, paid for by the Chinese Communist government. They will work for a specified time and return to China, where most likely they will receive Chinese wages, which are much less than American wages.

2. China has also announced that they are in the process of starting banks in the USA, owned by China and accepting Chinese Yuan.

3. There is a program currently in Southern Oregon to teach and learn the Chinese language to any student, and state representative Dennis Richardson, who has traveled to China multiple times, is pushing for a Chinese constructed bullet train, that will run from Southern Oregon north to Portland Oregon. { Over 300 miles }

My opinion is; Communism is indeed about to take over the USA without a shot being fired.

Ron Paul is my President !