Comment: Candidates needed to defeat these Senators refusing Audit

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Candidates needed to defeat these Senators refusing Audit

The 33 current senators whose seats are scheduled for re-election in November 2012, and whose terms end in January 2013;
This is not a RNC/DNC issue... It is a moral issue against the usury anti-investment sinecurist sector supporting the large banks whose balance sheet shows insolvency and the public is paying there losses.
The first question is if they sponsored s604 with the 302 co sponsors in the house the NO people were NOT ACTING AS REPRESENTATIVES of people. The second is the infamous TARP.

My personnel money raising is to defeat any candidate that obstructed and top on my list is Nelson of Nebraska, Corker of TN and Brown of MA. Brown because he is my Senator and I wrote many letters and he did not take action. Brown was influenced by McCain who because of re-election voted for usury sector..

Class Senator 1 S. 604 co sponsor S.Amdt. 5685

Dianne Feinstein of California_____NO YEA
Tom Carper of Delaware________ NO YEA
Bill Nelson of Florida________NO NAY
Daniel Akaka of Hawaii________NO YEA
Ben Cardin of Maryland________NO YEA
Debbie Stabenow of Michigan________ NO NAY
Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota________ NO YEA
Claire McCaskill of Missouri________ NO YEA
Jon Tester of Montana ________ NO NAY
Ben Nelson of Nebraska ________ NO YEA
Bob Menendez of New Jersey________ NO YEA
Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico________ NO YEA
Kirsten Gillibrand of New York________ NO Hillary sp election
Sherrod Brown of Ohio________ NO YEA
Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania ________ NO YEA
Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island________ NO YEA
Jim Webb of Virginia________ YES YEA
Maria Cantwell of Washington________ NO NAY
Joe Manchin of West Virginia________ NO Byrd special
Herb Kohl of Wisconsin________ NO YEA

Independent Incumbents Who May Seek Re-Election

Bernie Sanders of Vermont YES NAY

Republican Incumbents Who May Seek Re-Election

Jon Kyl of Arizona________ NO YEA
Richard Lugar of Indiana________ NO YEA
Olympia Snowe of Maine________ NO YEA
4.6.4 Scott Brown of MA ________ NO no vote kenedy seat
Roger Wicker of Mississippi________ NO NAY
John Ensign of Nevada________ NO YEA
Bob Corker of Tennessee ________ NO YEA
Orrin Hatch of Utah________ NO YEA
John Barrasso of Wyoming________ NO NAY