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audit the fed

forget auditing the fed
the banksters own most of the worlds gold
if we were to go to a gold backed currency,the banksters would be back in control of our money by the tomorrow morning after the new currency was begun..!

Subject: the 50 states can and must cut off the head of the snake..

the snake is the private for profit DEBT MONEY non-federal reserve corporation..not a part of our government in any way, destrying our economy and jobs, by sending our manufacturing base overseas by really believe the elite are that stupid? they know exactly what they are doing..turning us into a 3rd world banana republic to fit neatly into their new world order..make no mistake..these manufacturing jobs are gone and they are not returning unless we take back control of our currency/money from the private fed..

and here's how we abolish the fed..

'the federal reserve is above the law and accountable to no one' - Alan Greenspan on C-SPAN

a private for profit corporation that has NEVER paid one penny in taxes in 99 years[since its inception in 1913] and is above the law? in a nation of laws? huh?
make no doubt..we absolutely have been taken over by a group[cabal] of corrupt international banksters that create money out of nothing and run the U.S. and the world..but we the people and the 50 STATES CAN drive them out of America!.. its 1776 all over 1776 it was King George and the banksters..this time its the banksters once again destroying our once late great nation..

"countless people will the hate the new world order and millions will die protesting against it"- H. G. Wells

trying to get the corrupt congressional critters in Washington to do anything is simply a waste of time now..Patriot Ron Paul will continue to try to audit and/or abolish the fed but sadly it will end in the usual dead end as the fed will continue to set up roadblocks to stop Dr. and Congressman Paul with the help of the complicit congressional puppets controlled by the non-federal reserve banksters..i don't know about you but I've had enough of it!
I want my hi-jacked country back! I want Andy Taylor Mayberry sheriff's again!
the answer to our nations economic woes and the answer to saving America lies at the states doorstep,
as America declines into a 3rd world banana republic..America is now the government spying on your emails and phone,spying and ratting out your neighbor,tattletale and 24/7 surveillance on everyone police state,
all by bankster and illuminist design..
we need this solution to go viral..we need 300,000,000 million Americans to contact their state treasurers/comptrollers,accountants and governors and demand their state break away from the financial deathgrip being applied by the private federal reserve banksters with their money counterfeiting operation since 1913
ie... contact those folks in each state who would be responsible for issuing the new state currency..

"i swear by the glory of God I will rout you banksters out" - Andrew Jackson

"the process of the creation of money is so simple it boggles the mind" - John Kenneth Galbraith

To state treasurers,commissioners,comptrollers and accountants of the 50 United States of America:

I present to you a incredibly easy and very workable solution to America's [- N.Dakota who already have their own currency AND an incredible 3% unemployment]
financial crisis.47 of the 50 states are in financial straits..It simply doesn't have to be this way..the 50 states are NOT beholden to the federal government!..THE STATES CREATED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! not the other way around!
we either do STATE banking or live as slaves to the international banksters running the private for profit,parasitic debt money non-federal no-reserve currency/money out of thin air counterfeiters presently controlling America's AND nearly the entire worlds money systems since 1913...the federal reserve is a private corporation and NOT a part of the U.S. government in any way shape or form..the private federal reserve corporation is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.. the "fed" must be abolished if America is to survive as a nation..America and all 50 states[except N.Dakota] using private federal reserve DEBT notes,will continue to bleed jobs to 3rd world countries as long as the PRIVATE "fed" is in control of our currency.. ALL FIFTY STATES can legally create,issue,and control their own state notes/currency/money!
so why do we continue to be at the mercy of the private for profit fed?
this is sheer insanity!..
All the 50 states need are state of the art printing presses for the new state bills[all the new bills will look pretty much the same except for the 50 different states name on them and all 50 state notes will be accepted as currency in every state..
suddenly you have 50 states that are no longer slaves or beholden to the federal government or to the private for profit debt money federal reserve money counterfeiting corporation..
the treasurer and comptroller offices job,are to simply regulate how much currency needs to be created and inserted into each states economies and make money work for "we the people"..not against us,as the present parasitic private for profit fraudulent unconstitutional private non-federal reserve debt money system now does..

a simple answer to the money crisis that WILL absolutely get progressively worse as the feds debt note dollar becomes exponentially more worthless in the next 2 years as its value goes to zero,
just as the 8,000+ other paper fiat currencies in the history of the planet..
do you really believe inflation will suddenly stop after the last 98 years of non-stop inflation which has left the debt note dollar with the buying power of 2 cents now in 2011,
compared to the 1913 dollar?
1913…the first year of the private non-federal no-reserve corporation in charge of our currency..
this plan for a new money system IS the answer to America’s financial crisis and it WILL absolutely work..
N.Dakota is doing it right now this minute and they have an incredible 3% unemployment rate..nuff said..
all the 50 states must do is issue their own currency at 2% interest..
all the interest payments are returned into each states treasury/coffer to pay all the states bills..the currency does not have to be backed by anything..

******in fact its better if its NOT BACKED BY GOLD as the banksters own most of the worlds gold,and the worlds international banksters would be back in control of our new money in no time flat!!!!!!!*********

we simply let each of the 50 state governments issue the currency and we watch them like a hawk as the founding fathers told us repeatedly..
inflation would disappear and be a thing of the past with a new state run honest money system not controlled by international foreign banksters..
a dollar would buy a dollar worth of goods in 2011 and a dollar would buy the same amount of goods in 2050..just as a dollar in 1800 was worth the same as a dollar in 1912..112 years of the dollar and NO INFLATION !
every state would soon see a currency /budget surplus like N.Dakota enjoys right now as they have their own state run money system and unemployment would virtually disappear as we bring ALL manufacturing and good paying jobs back to America where it belongs..
we do not need one thing from the 3rd world..NOTHING
we can legalize hemp and make over 5,000 quality products with it,
including clothes,shoes and other high quality products Americans need and want, and we can grow ALL the food we need right here in the good ol USA!
we can end ALL the phony horrible wars including the phony drug war and the phony war on terror..
having to import food from China and other 3rd world countries is beyond insanity..
we CAN take America back w/o any violence whatsoever..
as soon as the police and military fully wake up to the truth about what is really happening in America and around the world, its all over for the NWO globalists destroying America’s economic engine by design
as soon as the 50 state notes begin to filter into the commerce system, [btw..the state notes will be accepted in all 50 states..having 50 different state notes[money] accepted in all 50 states would make it virtually impossible for the PRIVATE international foreign banksters to take back control of our money/currency again…]
we simply stop using the unconstitutional private federal reserve debt notes as the new state currency is put into the commerce system as the old debt notes are turned in for the new state notes and the 14 trillion dollar phony national debt is eliminated immediately.[you just can't charge the populace interest on phony debt notes made out of nothing..its immoral and illegal
the federal reserve will simply disappear all by itself as Americans stop using the feds debt notes..
we don't need Congress to pass any law to eliminate the fed nor the President to sign an executive order to eliminate/abolish it either.. the fed is actually irrelevant in this situation as the 50 states have the upper hand over the federal government per the constitution!
if N.Dakota can issue their own currency,then you know the other 49 states can do the same!
prosperity will return to America in spades as small business will be able to compete with the mega corporations and 3rd world labor again
temp tariffs will need to be put in place until we get our economy going again..
under the present money system, America can not return to prosperity and can not create good new jobs and will in fact continue to bleed more jobs to 3rd world countries as long as the private non-federal reserve corporation is in control of our's that simple..


randy n.