Comment: Tag team back again!

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Tag team back again!

Ron and Rand want an audit so lets begin
C'mon Party people let me hear some noise
Got Pauls in the house 'n sen jump jump rejoice
There's a Paul over here
a Paul over there
Gonna take Bernanke
Spank his derriere
These three words mean you're gettin busy
Whoomp "END THE FED!"
Hit me
Whoomp "END THE FED!"

Upside down and inside out
They're 'bout to show all you folks
What the Fed's about
Now it's time for Ron to get on the mic
And debunk this fool's keynesian hype
He's taking it back to the old school
'Cause he's an old fool who's so cool
If you want to get down
Ron's gonna show you the way
whoomp "END THE FED!"
Let me hear you say
whoomp "END THE FED!"
C'mon yall
whoomp "END THE FED!"
A little LOUDER!

Whoomp chakalaka chackalaka chakalaka chaka

Some say he's crazy
'Cause he's pushin' up daises
The underground sound that you have found
Amazing outstanding demanding
Commanding you people dancin'
Woo, Ron Paul, That's a breath taker
He produces AKA the freedom maker
You want to come down to the underground
Old school mises?
here's a shovel, can you dig it fool?
Can you dig it
we can dig it
Can ya'll dig it
we can dig it

H dot R 4 fifty nine
As it's known to yours 'n mine from the school of old
Hardcore keep the folklore wreck
Three to the two and one constitution-check
Mad skill flow ill on capital hill
That's the grill of the microphone Ron just killed
Party people it's your party Tag Team is through
Whoomp "End the Fed" I thought you knew.