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Man are you really serious?

Man are you really serious? What are they gonna do? Build houses on the runways?

Do you have any comprehension what a free trade zone is and who they belong to? The US Customs Department regulates all activity in the FTZs. Their purpose is to avoid the payment of import fees and duties when materiel is moving from one nation to another and is not intended to be imported into the country where the FTZ resides. The grantees have full control of the FTZs (in the case of DFW International, it's the airport board - a real subversive lot they are) and they lease the land to corporations that conduct international trade (in the case of the DFW FTZ, it's GM, Sanden, Fossil Partners, Zale Corporation, Exel Global Logistics, Inc., American Eurocopter LLC, Turbomeca U.S.A. and Dal-Tile Corporation. Hopefully you recognize some of those companies and realize they all do business internationally.

You "article" provides no evidence to back your assertions and is easily refuted by a simple Google search. I'm all for limiting the power of the federal government, but at least try to write about reality instead of fantasy.