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Comment: You Should Have Listened To The Intel Report Today.

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You Should Have Listened To The Intel Report Today.

It is linked above at Republic Broadcasting and you can hear it in their archives.

A lady from Idaho spoke and apparently she has done a lot of research. She named the FTZ's and another government plan that essentially allows Chinese companies to buy huge amounts of state/federal land and develop/strip it of its natural resources. The Free Trade Zones apparently are the areas where the import/export part of the agreement will go on.

Have you heard of the NAFTA super highway plan that was voted down in the state of Texas recently? That was being pushed by the Governor of Texas. This new plan is being pushed by other state governors, but is a continuation of the Texas corridor plan all over America.

In Idaho, the Chinese Communists have bought a huge tract of land south of the International airport {Boise or Pocatello, I didn't take notes.}
Apparently it is perfectly legal for foreign companies or individuals to buy and own what ever a cash strapped state will sell them, and the states are selling.

The Chinese Communists have promised to help the states financially by starting businesses on American soil. Some Americans may be hired, however an agreement has been worked out with American Immigration to allow Chinese workers to obtain green cards and bring their families with them. {Taking jobs away from unemployed Americans }

If you heard Mr. Obama's speech Tuesday, you would have heard him mention high speed trains several times. These are trains already in operation in China, and the Chinese are trying to start building them in the USA.

Let me ask you, where do you think the money will come from for these planned projects, since the U.S. and most of the states are broke?

China holds a huge amount of U.S. government debt, that's where.

Don't you think Mr. Hu was working out some of the financial details with his group of 20 financial advisers that accompanied him to D.C. Tuesday, when they met with Obama.

If you go to the archives at 2-4 P.M. today Jan. 27th, in the Republic Broadcasting link above, the guest speaker names all the government paper work needed, by the numbers to check out for yourself, just what she's researched.

Good luck in your quest.