Comment: Excuse me?

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Excuse me?

"Beware of anyone who discourages you from reading this book."

Um, why is that?

Why beware?

Can you provide some substance to that?

Maybe the guy is WRONG on key parts of the puzzle?

Look I won't tell anyone NOT to read a book. That's just silly.

But I will say you might want to hear someone else's opinion (who has also studied the tax code in depth for about 20 years now) who shows WHY Pete Hendrickson doesn't have it correct and why he was predicted and eventually did, get convicted in court.

By all means, read Pete's book. It's free after all.

Now, following his advice is another matter entirely.

I'd prefer to err on the side of caution and listen to someone who gives specific reasons where Pete went wrong.

The funny thing is, Pete refuses to admit or even address those concerns and steadfastly clings to "conspiracy" claims, rather than the possibility that while he might be say 99% correct, it was the crucial 1% mistake he made that got him convicted.

And you can bet dimes to dollars, if you follow his advice exactly as he did, the same will likely befall you.

If after reading Pete's book, you want to hear another tax honesty researcher on the 1% Pete got wrong, check out Also, check out the newer site:

Educate yourselves, and get second opinions, and third opinions. Blindly following someone because they wrote a book and lost in court, may not always be the wisest move. (the IRS is now "on" to Pete's approach, and odds are, it will no longer "work" as a "trick" in the courts any longer.)