Comment: How and When Did the Medical Mistake Begin?

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How and When Did the Medical Mistake Begin?

"As the public becomes more aware that treating symptoms without removing the cause is not the way, they begin to realize that the enemy of treatments (whether medical or naturopath) has robbed the lives of all who listened to their theories. And the public is continuing their search for true health care. This movement of public awareness will not and cannot be stopped. It is quickly reaching critical mass in this bright area of awareness ...

P.S.(1) The only legitimate treatments are:
to totally rest and drink only water, and this allows the body to do what it is designed to do, to use all available energy to clean itself.

P.S.(2) How does the body clean itself?
By creating an infection. This process creates microbes and these microbes are the workers of the cleansing process (infection). Sometimes, when the body is congested, the overload will be forced through the skin, the scalp, or between the toes.

P.S. Don’t forget the wonderful job that the medical industry does in their emergencies --- accidents, burns, heart attack, stroke etc."

All the very best,
Ray Kent
Arizona, Valley of the Sun, Jan 09

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”