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Comment: Joη,

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First, let me say that the changes you are making are really great and I really appreciate them. I know the amount of works it takes believe you me.

I want to offer some ideas to go in tangent with the new thumbs up/down feature.

  • Expand All Comments button/link between a post and its comments.
  • Add a user preference for "minimum thumbs down to collapse" that is editable on the My Account -> Edit screen and use it to display posts.
  • Add a user preference to allow users to answer the question this reply is to.
  • Add the ability to show (like a pop-up screen or something) the users that thumbed up/down posts/comments.

I know the demands for more and more keep coming in and that what I'm asking takes a lot of coding, but I just hope you'll consider these as well.

Thanks again Joη, you rock man!