Comment: Screw Faux And Screw The GOP

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Screw Faux And Screw The GOP

From CPACs Facebook Page...

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)
Romney, Gingrich, Paul Ryan, & Pawlenty have all posted guests blogs on the CPAC Director's Blog - check them out today!

(and I heard they are not archiving his speech there but have not confirmed because I'm not joining their damned site plus CSPAN drooled on the recording its going to be the same old shit as last time but much worse I've been lurking some GOP sites and the venom and vitriol is on a level unheard of and nowhere as bad as last time, it made me fume!!!. Ron needs to declare asap with the Libertarian Party and bury those chumps)

My comment:

Ron Paul 2012 Go third party Ron!!! And you know which one...They are not going to give you the nomination and you are holding the keys to the Whitehouse right now. (this is what the GOP fears with trembling)

Your army of hardcore supporters... has grown in leaps and bounds and your message has been received finally by people from all political persuasions.

I've seen pro-war neocons converted,hard left Obama supporters that are so disgusted with him say I'm going to vote for Ron Paul and wished the media hadn't done what they did to him and I had actually listened. We have the independents, the awake republicans, the disgruntled lied to democrats...many millions are awake now.

Enough to go third party and split the ticket. Do it Ron...You have told them the unadulterated truth and they still continue to revile you while you remain steadfast to your first love...
The Constitution

Shake the dust off your feet, don't look back and we will put you into the Whitehouse....