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Joel Salatin video library updates...

Here are the latest updates for this video library. Some of the presentations are the similar to other presentations he has given in the OP, but there is some new info as well. There are also a couple farm tours so you can see additional views and close-ups of his farm operations.

Class Tour of Polyface Farm
“Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm gives our class a tour of the farm, explaining his methodology and reasoning along the way. He also explains why the methods used on his farm are more sustainable, safe and productive than methods used by modern agribusiness in today's food production.”
Part 1 - Chicken Coop/Hoop House (Winter)
Part 2 - Questions on Pig Pen and Chicken Coop
Part 3 - Multispeciation and Carbonaceous Diapers
Part 4 - Can this Feed the World?
Part 5 (1/2) - The Importance of Grass
Part 5 (2/2) - The Importance of Grass

Answering the Food Inquisitors
“An evening with Joel Salatin, presented by Slow Food Canberra and Milkwood Permaculture.”

“In a talk in Canberra in early December 2010, Joel Salatin suggested that just as there was the Religious Inquisition 500 years ago, we're now experiencing a Food Inquisition. These videos are his replies to the Inquisitors, answering 12 often-presented Assumptions. Part 1 responds to "Oh, you can't be serious. You can't feed the world!" and "You really just want us to go back to loincloths, washboard, hog cholera and tuberculosis!"
Salatin Promo 12 Assumptions - Excerpts from the full presentation.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Joel Salatin's Canberra farewell

Sustainable Farming with Joel Salatin
“Joel Salatin speaks on sustainable farming to a group in Chico, CA in January 2011.“
Part 1 - (Salatin speaks at 20 minute mark.)
Part 2

Miscellaneous videos
Cow herd pasture move

Keeping Food Local At Polyface Farm - The Virginian-Pilot, produced by Norm Shafer

Polyface farm tour: Pigs, Chickens, Turkeys, Baby Chicks, Rabbits, The Store

Featherman Tutorial: Eviscerating with Joel Salatin
Featherman Tutorial: Cutting up a chicken with Daniel Salatin
Turkey model Featherman plucker

Joel Salatin at Georgia Organics - "Here he answers the question, "Is sustainable agriculture a viable way to feed cities." (Added to partial clip of presentation already in OP.)

You get what you pay for - A short clip from Joel’s lecture in MN.

Joel Salatin on the Price of Organic Food

Joel Salatin at Wise Traditions 2010 - “A short excerpt from Joel Salatin's keynote at the Wise Traditions 2010 conference.”

Joel Salatin & Dr. Preston Maring at Kaiser Permanente discuss sustainable food & farmers markets - “Prior to the talks, both Joel Salatin and Dr. Preston Maring, a long-time sustainable food advocate at Kaiser Permanente, talked with reporters about the farmers market program at Kaiser Permanente and the value of sustainable food systems in supporting the health of farmers and consumers.”

Story on Joel Salatin by Britt Carlson - “See Joel Salatin visit Chaffin Orchard's 2,000 acre farm in northern Califrornia. Chaffin Orchards is very similar to Polyface with an added layer of stonefruit, citrus, and olive orchards being managed by cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens.” (01/17/2011)

Finally, here is a cute video on how to start them young. :)

We Heart Joel Salatin - Child says Joel Salatin.