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AS these things tend to go,

AS these things tend to go, RP's own reputation would suffer should a case for slander be brought by him. Certainly we should spread this, and Fox should issue a retraction and an apology. But RP would be better served by not making a big stink about it.
One of Dr. Paul's most attractive qualities, certainly one that left me a very impressed neo-con in transition, was his ability to endure unfair treatment, while not demanding his just due in the process. He is the living embodiment of that old Christian virtue, "turn the other cheek". The abuse he took in the debate process, while maintaining a cheerful demeanor - his steadfast adherence to the truth while being booed - all these make him a giant of a true statesmen. What differentiates the statesman from a mere politician is not just knowledge and intelligence, for these can be found in politicians who lie. A statesman also has a virtue that a politician lacks - he is not influenced by either the bribery of money or stroked ego, nor influenced by a lack of money or an insulted ego.