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Comment: the incompetence and negligence defense

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the incompetence and negligence defense

I love it - the "incompetence and negligence defense" under the "lone wolf" theory. Yeah that's the ticket. Didn't that defense work so well for the Chinese broadcaster that lifted footage from Top Gun.

Theguy Fox response "We [Fox] aren't sleazy. We are just totally incompetent and that despite our reporters and journalists who were actually there, plus our plethora of professional staff, producers, editors, directors, fact checkers, and quality control who have been working the CPAC coverage from the beginning, we at FOX are just too incompetent to realize that we specifically pulled coverage from a year ago and ran it as the foundation to start off the questioning of our interview with Dr. Paul. Oh and by the way, we at Fox are terrible sorry [that we got caught]"
Oh and if you buy that, Fox has shares in a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, as well as claims to green cheese on the moon.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
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