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Comment: Here's the argument,

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Here's the argument,

if you can grasp the concept. "The judicial power shall extend to all cases, Law and Equity". It's all a word game.

All the rhetoric, yours and Larken's, is under the "law" jurisdiction, which we refer to as the "democracy". When one exercises the "Equity" side of the judicial power, that is what we refer to as the "republic". The Article I, represent the democracy and the Article III represents the republic. All legislation is written for corporations and does not apply to individuals.

Due to the dual nature of the Constitution, each word used can be construed as either corporate or common. The words can then be viewed with opposite meanings. Drive is the opposite of travel or driving is regulated by code and travel is regulated by right.

You don't have to be informed to consent. People consent all the time by silence. In fact, if one hires an attorney, they consent to the jurisdiction of the court! You probably didn't know that.
“If Americans wish to be free of judicial tyranny, they must at least develop basic knowledge of the judicial role in our republican government. The present state of affairs is a direct result of our collective ignorance.”