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My Comment To Those in Yahoo!

There is a fundamental problem with the logic here...

Isn't it TRUE that doctor Paul is arguably the most honest elected official in Washington...he is definitely one of have to give him that!

Isn't it also TRUE that rapidly growing numbers of Americans, are now fully aware that the mainstream media is manipulating, under-reporting, and even making up news stories, omitting information, and most importantly, IGNORING THE TRUTH, when it comes to the garbage that "They" try to stuff down our throats to get us to accept as news? "They" exist to lead us, not to inform us! Everything has "spin"! Doesn't it?

With that said, isn't it ALSO TRUE that those in the mostly dishonest mainstream media go out of "Their" way to constantly discredit Paul as "unelectable" or worse?
Don't "They"?

Where is the logic in that? I mean come on...I'm not stupid! You mean to tell me that, here in America, we are willing to accept the opinions of the "dishonest" as the gospel regarding someone who cares so much about integrity and honesty, that he's constantly ridiculed and abused for it? People actually side with "Them"? Really? What's wrong with that picture? What's wrong with these people?

Ask yourself this...why would the mainstream media be so preoccupied with this "so called" kooky, unelectable, harmless little man in the first place? Think about it for crying out loud!
"They" have attacked his credibility at every opportunity for several years now...why? If he is really what "they" say he is, then why hasn't he gone away? It seems to me that his message just gets stronger!

Could it be that more and more Americans (WE) are actually waking up? Could it be that more and more Americans (WE) are now fed up with being lied to? Could it be that more and more Americans (WE) are getting tired of this manipulation and are sincerely looking for an honest voice of reason!

I hope so, because I have a 5 year old son at home, and I'm extremely concerned about what the future has in store for him! Ask yourself...are these type of people still going to be running things like this in 50 years? Do you really think that's acceptable?

I believe the real reason the mainstream media and "Their" corporate elite friends discredit Ron Paul is "They" are terrified that, if elected, he will "pull back the curtain" and expose them for what they really are...Criminals!

Now there's some REAL NEWS that I'd love to see!

And because of that, I'm not buying their garbage anymore - Ron Paul just won my vote on this alone! They fact that he has principles is a bonus!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"