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hold on.... What I am

hold on....

What I am suggesting is that there is a stack of files with your name, foot print, finger prints, social security number, and/or signature on them, that the Federal Government has been collecting for the past 20 or more years.

That is their evidence of your consent. EVERY piece of evidence they have may be "VOIDABLE" but it is NOT void simply because you believe it should be.

This is no different than if your parents used your name when you were a baby to buy a house. Of course you could get that contract removed, but it would remain a valid contract UNTIL you moved to void it.

To your example, if you had 30 documents signed and notarized by an official of the Government, stating that you would receive $1000 for every new law, then you may have a point, but you dont. This is why Amish dont get building permits, there is no stack of paperwork where the Amish declared to be Federal citizens, or wanted Federal Social Security benefits, or that they were residents, or that the wanted licenses for the 'privilege' of driving, or the 'privilege' to fish, or to join the selective service, or anything else.