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violent monopolies are illegitimate

The problem is not only that they are tricking us, it's that their laws and their interpretation of the laws are a violent monopoly and therefore illegitimate.

If we were tricked, then why can't we use this as a defense if we tell the judge that the contract should be null and void? Because the court is a violent monopoly who interprets the law in its own favor.

If we’re consenting when we record the deed or obtain a loan or apply for some benefit – why is it that when someone breaks their contract with the corporation (by not paying taxes they agreed to pay, for example), that they get kidnapped and put in a cell for a long time?

If I have a contract with you and I break it, we go to civil court. There is no kidnapping and jail time.

Why isn't the corporation subject to the same rules? Because they have a violent monopoly on the rules.