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Nice Post

Well thought piece.

Not to deter from your subject but after reading it my first thought was that there may be no need to hijack the GOP as their behavior may destroy the party altogether. The GOP is in the process of forcing austerity measures on the peeps while continuing to fund billions for illegal failed wars, the military industrial complex...nation building, bailouts for billionaires, funding the police state, destroying the Bill of Rights..the odious Patriot Act and on and on and on. While I do agree that there needs to be reform on public employees benefits; they way there are doing it is going to backfire I believe. The Dems will be highly motivated to show up in 2012 in large numbers. Should be interesting. If ever there was a time when a third party candidate could will be in 2012. Maybe Ron should run as an Independent in 2012. The times they are a changing...rapidly.